An Easier Option for Group Communication

Our trained facilitators can help groups with effective communication, problem solving, consensus building, and strategic planning.  Often used to help groups set goals and objectives, DRC facilitators can help make difficult conversations easier enabling people to express their views fully while preserving mutual respect.


Facilitate literal means “to make easy or easier.” At the DRC, facilitation is a process where trained facilitators help groups of people work together more easily and effectively. Our facilitators lead the group process allowing them to examine and solve problems, make decisions and improve the way they communicate.


Often used by businesses, facilitation can improve a group’s creativity and problem solving potential. This DRC service includes preliminary assessment, structured group interaction with a neutral facilitator who manages the discussion and records the efforts and outcomes of the group. This process creates an environment of open, directed discussion used for complex decision-making and strategic planning as well as situational or organizational changes.


The DRC of Tri-Cities offers neutral facilitation services by professionally trained volunteers. Our experienced facilitators are equipped to work in a variety of settings. From discussing issues in a town hall setting to brainstorming corporate strategies, the DRC is able to help.

The DRC of Tri-Cities works with a wide range of groups including:

  • Businesses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • City governments
  • County and state agencies
  • Service Clubs
  • Governing boards
  • Churches
  • Community groups

The DRCTC is proud to be the facilitator of the Community Conversations sponsored by the Tri-City Herald.

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To learn more about the facilitation or mediation services, training and educational programs, or to become a volunteer mediator visit our website or give us a call. We are ready to help you resolve life’s conflicts.