The Dispute Resolution Center offers a range of training opportunities for both the public and our volunteer mediators. Our training is in-depth and highly interactive, and geared to build and enhance the conflict management skills of participants.

Training includes instruction, exercises, demonstrations and role-playing. Sessions are lively and engage participants in a variety of ways to capitalize on different learning styles and the diversity of the training group.

Current DRC Training programs include:

Basic Mediation (40-hour program)

The Fundamentals of  Mediation Training program is designed to train people to be volunteer mediators for the DRC of Tri-Cities. All of our mediators work on a pro bono basis. The training is offered as a standalone class, for which you receive a certificate of completion, and is the first step in becoming a DRC certified mediator.

Professional enhancement- This training is also often taken by professionals seeking improvement in communication and conflict resolution skills. People in Human Resources, management and supervisory positions, or company owners find this training to be highly valuable.

Our next regularly scheduled 40 Hour mediation class will be October 4, 5, 6 and 19, 20, 2024.  The first training is on weekends involving one work day. We are currently accepting registrations for this class. There is a minimum of 4 trainees required for each training. Generally classes are limited to 8 trainees. We are especially in need of bilingual Spanish speaking mediators at this time.


Family Law Mediation (20-hour program)

This 20-hour advanced training is intended for those who have already completed the basic 40-hour Basic Mediation Training course. This course is required for DRC mediators who wish to mediate family cases, e.g., divorce and parenting plan cases. The next Family Law Mediation Training dates are TBD 2024.


Steps to Becoming a DRC Certified Volunteer Mediator

1. Take the 40Hr (Basic) Fundamentals  of Mediation Class

2. Apply for the Mediator Internship Program

The Internship consists of  a) observing 4 live mediation sessions, b) co-mediating 8 mediation sessions with an already Certified Mediator, c) being observed mediating by the Director, d) interviewing with our Certification Committee.

3. Take the 20 Hr Family Mediation Class

    This class is required in order to mediate cases involving divorce, Parenting Plans, etc.

4. Maintain certification by mediating at least 4 times per year, and earning 10 hours of continuing education credits per year.

Intro to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace and Other Professional Settings (16 hrs)

This 16 hour seminar is an introduction to principles and practices needed to skillfully manage conflict that inevitably arises where most people spend the majority of their time: at work. Topics that are examined are the causes and nature of conflict, how to communicate skillfully when in conflict, and how to assist others in conflict while avoiding the common pitfalls associated with intervening. The training will be offered from 5-9 pm one evening, followed by an 8 am -5 pm session the next day at the Dispute Resolution Center. We can also bring this training and an expanded 20 hr version of the training to your company or place of business. Dates for upcoming sessions will be listed here and on our Events page, and announced through various media outlets. Feel free to call us to inquire about bringing this training to your place of employment.