Mediation is an affordable, effective means for resolving conflict. Any conflict. Big or small. Whether the conflict is between family members, co-workers, neighbors, organizations, or government agencies mediation is a quick and effective way of resolving conflict. An alternative to litigation, its purpose is to assist those in conflict reach a mutually satisfactory resolution for their issues with or without using the court system. Mediators assist parties in determining the outcome of their disputes and determine a solution that works best for them while maintaining their privacy and confidentiality. by law, all agreements reached through mediation are legally binding and enforceable.

Members of the DRC team successfully mediate hundreds of cases per year. Our purpose is to provide effective yet affordable professional mediation and training services to the community. We promote open, effective communication and believe it is the key to getting conflicts resolved!

The DRC offers a unique, unbiased option for mediation with services facilitated by professionally trained and experienced volunteers. Our facility offers a wide range of affordable mediations, and uses a co-mediator model to insure neutrality between all parties.

The DRC of Tri-Cities uses a facilitative, interest-based style of mediation that helps clients resolve disagreements with the help and facilitation of a neutral mediator. This style of mediation is especially useful for disputes involving long-term relationships including neighbors, siblings, co-workers or former spouses. Facilitative mediation is confidential, collaborative and allows for creative solutions. The safety and structure of the facilitative style can improve communication, promote understanding and strengthen relationships.


In a word, because it works. Mediation is faster, less stressful and often more effective than litigation. While lawsuits can be contentious and drag on for years, even the most complicated cases can frequently be resolved in 1-2 sessions using mediation. But mediation is also very effective for conflicts that do not involve lawsuits. Our mediators can help with any argument, conflict or disagreement that is causing you stress and difficulty, for very little cost.

Here’s what some of our clients have told us:

“… reached an agreement quickly, easily. Fixed weeks of turmoil”…-L.G.

“I feel the mediators…were great. Couldn’t have asked for better”. -J.O.

“When first visiting the Dispute Resolution Center, I didn’t think that an agreement would be found. But, through the work of the mediators here, a compromise was agreed upon. Thank you!” -D.O.

Please note: the DRC has a no alcohol, no drugs, and no weapons policy. These items are prohibited from our property. There is no smoking within the building.