Welcome to the Dispute Resolution Center of Tri-Cities

The Dispute Resolution Center of Tri-Cities offers professional mediation services to Benton and Franklin Counties, assisting those in conflict to reach mutually acceptable agreements. All agreements reached in mediation are legal and binding. The DRC also provides facilitation, education, and training to individuals, businesses, and organizations to enhance the skills necessary for managing and resolving conflict.  We have successfully mediated over 3000 cases. As a private not-for-profit organization, the DRC of Tri-Cities receives funding from a variety of sources, allowing charges for services to be much less than private mediators. The state of Washington provides core funding to help ensure that our services are available statewide to all courts and all citizens. Our purpose is to provide high-quality, low-cost professional mediation and training services to the courts and the community. We believe that communication is the key to getting conflicts resolved! We can help. Let us show you.

DIVORCING? There are some low-cost paths to getting there. Negotiate the terms of the divorce in mediation at the DRC, fill out the paperwork (available online), and have the Court Facilitator go over your documents with you. Then, wait for the 90-day waiting period to expire and file final papers. Call us at 509-783-3325.

Resources– For help with a low cost divorce, click HERE


The DRCTC is no longer accepting new ERPP Notices from landlords or their representatives as of the close of the day Wednesday, June 14, 2023. Over the next 15 days, we will complete as many of the cases that have already been submitted as possible. The last day of the ERPP is Friday, June 30, 2023. As of July 1, guidelines for procedures concerning possible evictions revert back to pre COVID terms. Our local ERP Program will no longer be funded, nor will we have staff to work any outstanding cases. The DRCTC will be offering landlord/tenant mediation free of charge for those who would like to work out terms with tenants prior to filing for Unlawful Detainer. This can be scheduled by calling our Intake Specialist at 509-783-3325, or emailing Intake@drctc.org.


If you are a landlord seeking legal advice or representation, these organizations have member attorneys who may be able to assist you:

Multifamily Housing Association  (Supplier Directory)

Rental Housing Association of Washington (Vendor Directory)

Washington Landlord Association


If you are a tenant seeking legal advice or representation, please contact the Eviction Defense Screening Line at (855) 657-8387 or apply on-line at:


Benton-Franklin Legal Aid – 509-221-1824 Mon-Thurs / 9am-2pm bflegalaid1@ymail.com